Network Performance Monitoring for High-Frequency Trading and Market Data Provider – Case Study

Fortune 500 Company Gains Multiple Benefits from High-Precision and High-Speed Monitoring

Read how a Fortune 500 company is fighting cyberattacks and maximizing performance while gaining a competitive advantage.

Reliable Network Monitoring Helps Protect Against Cyberattacks and Maximize Performance

  • Assured prevention against cyberattacks

  • Assured execution of high frequency trades

  • Assured market data without gaps

  • Helped maximize the ROI of their global network

  • Helped support the record-keeping and reporting for regulatory compliance

Providing Market Data and Facilitating Financial Trades Relies on a Secure High-Performance Global Network

Learn about the longstanding collaboration between cPacket Networks and the customer's NetOps and SecOps teams. Also learn how the monitoring fabric provided reliable and comprehensive visibility that resulted in multiple benefits.

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  • “cPacket Networks is a trusted advisor who delivers on their commitments.”

    - Network Operations leader

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