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Network Performance Monitoring Resolves Bottlenecks for Healthcare Provider – Case Study

Leading Healthcare Provider Chooses cPacket Networks to Assure Smart Care

The healthcare provider evaluated and tested multiple vendor solutions, but only one offered the pervasive visibility and advanced monitoring tools to meet their specific requirements.

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Connectivity is Driving Smart Care which Makes Network Performance Monitoring Essential

  • Packet slicing reduced traffic in the monitoring fabric

  • Intelligent filtering also reduced traffic in the monitoring fabric

  • Rate adjustment extended the life and ROI of existing tools

Learn How High-Performance Monitoring Drove Successful Data Center Consolidation

A two-tier monitoring solution resulted in numerous benefits for the healthcare provider. The ability to anticipate network bottlenecks in a more granular way and with better accuracy will enable the organization to manage its large data center consolidation with more precision. The deployment included rich performance analytics visualizations.

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  • “With cPacket, you get a full suite of advanced solutions that can do it all and scale as new tools get added. We now have the power to manage our networks more efficiently and with less cost and this has been the biggest payoff for us.”

    - Senior Systems Engineer at a leading US healthcare provider

  • “With so much at stake, we couldn’t settle for anything less than a best-in-class solution for our data center needs.”

    - Senior Systems Engineer at a leading US healthcare provider

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