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Harnessing Network Packet Data at 100Gbps – Webinar

Problems Become More Subtle at 100Gbps

When it comes to assuring security and experiences, the most important network packets are those that are invisible to your monitoring fabric. Watch this webinar if you have upgraded or will upgrade your network to 100Gbps.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar to Learn...

  • Challenges and solutions for 100Gbps packet capture

  • Quickly getting to insights and favorable outcomes amid the high volume of packets in 100Gbps environments

  • How to make packet data the go-to “source of truth” for investigating and resolving undesired events

Visibility from Packet Data Affects the Top and Bottom Line of a Business

You need a mix of lossless high-resolution real-time and historical data to assure security and experiences. But, there’s too little time to analyze packets passing through the monitoring fabric at roughly every 6.7 nanoseconds. Using historical data and analytics are necessary to obtain understandings of suspicious activity, utilization, patterns, and trends. Learn why and how.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar
  • "We were using a well-known packet broker and had to pay an additional cost for a Netflow export license. But, it still wasn't delivering the performance needed. Since switching to cPacket, we've had peace of mind with full network visibility and no add on costs.”

    - SD-WAN Engineer at a utilities company

  • "Maintaining a healthy network state is crucial for proper application performance and good end-user experience. cPacket has enabled us to assure business continuity and reduce our mean-time-to-resolution through proactive monitoring."

    - NetOps at a well-known entertainment company

Watch the On-Demand Webinar
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