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Global Fortune 500 Company – Case Study

Company Leverages cPacket’s cVu Products to Improve Network Performance

With the goal in mind of meeting the performance demands of their network, the company upgraded its infrastructure to meet reliability, accuracy and security requirements.

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Results of the cPacket Implementation...

  • Reduced troubleshooting by 80%

  • Substantial cost savings

  • Improved network efficiency and visibility

Upgraded Infrastructure to Meet Reliability, Accuracy, and Security Requirements

In a large and complex datacenter with mission critical business applications, any outage could cost the company millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Download the Case Study
  • “We tested a number of solutions from other vendors but none of them offered us complete network visibility without compromising on performance until we evaluated cPacket.”

    - Network Security Engineer at a Fortune 500 company

  • "We wanted to TAP everything for port density. Before we upgraded the network, we had an aggregation tool in place but that only supported 5G or 10G and we needed a solution that would support 100G."

    - Network Security Engineer at a Fortune 500 company

  • "“We needed a tool that could aggregate, filter packets, and replicate customized traffic streams to our downstream tools,” stated a Network Security Engineer."

    - Network Security Engineer at a Fortune 500 company

Download the Case Study
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