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Ensuring Great End-User Experience and Services During a Cloud Migration – Webinar

Manage End User Experience and Services During a Cloud Migration

Are you about to embark on a cloud migration or are you in the middle of one? Join us and learn tips for managing workload performance, service assurance, and end user experience across a distributed hybrid cloud environment.

Watch this On-Demand Webinar to Learn Tips for...

  • How to be prepared for real-world challenges of network-aware application monitoring during a cloud migration

  • Different scenarios and real-world examples of issues encountered and resolutions provided using network visibility

  • Making the cloud migration smoother and your life easier

There are Unforeseen Issues and Challenges with a Cloud Migration But We Have Tips for You

Digital transformation with cloud first and cloud smart strategies is driving cloud migration and data center consolidations. Our guest, Ted Turner, will step through the unforeseen issues and challenges he faced and the successful workarounds he used during and post cloud migration.

Watch the Webinar
  • "It boils down to agility. How fast can you move things?"

    - Ted Turner

  • "Most enterprises have a hybrid-cloud strategy."

    - Mike Fratto, Senior Analyst at 451 Research

Watch the On-Demand Webinar
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