cPacket Search

Globally Search the Network to Verify Configuration Changes – Use Case

Optimize Network Performance and Improve ROI

Network monitoring and troubleshooting are two essential tasks for NetOps and SecOps operating in medium and large-scale networks. The ability to have a complete and comprehensive view of the network is critical. Download this use case to learn how you can quickly search your entire network.

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Use Cases for cSearch Include...

  • Determining whether packets with specific content are present anywhere in the network

  • Discovering whether packets with specific content are present in a specific segment in the network

  • Accurately determing the extent of propagation for a specific packet (i.e. the possibility of a worm or virus)

Comprehensive Network Information and Complete Network-wide Results

In today’s challenging network environments, the need for reliability and accuracy is essential for organizations looking to improve efficiency while minimizing costs. cSearch is a powerful tool that optimizes the need for running similar searches on multiple downstream tools in a monitoring network.

Download the Use Case
  • “I replaced another well-known packet broker with cPacket cVu a few years ago and since then my life has been peaceful. I’m never going back.”

    - Senior Network Architect at a major multi-site hospital

  • "Maintaining a healthy network state is crucial for proper application performance and good end-user experience. cPacket has enabled us to assure business continuity and reduce our mean-time-to-resolution through proactive monitoring."

    - NetOps at a well-known entertainment company

  • "We are challenged with an increasing number and types of threats. Having access to network traffic intelligence has become key. cPacket’s deep network visibility and traffic analysis capabilities provide the required level of visibility to strengthen our security posture."

    - SecOps at a global ride-share company

Download the Use Case
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