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cProbe® Flow Data Generator for Network Traffic Analysis – Data Sheet

Reliable and Objective Network Flow Data Solution

Generate network flow data from packet data to optimize network performance and strengthen cybersecurity.

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More About cProbe

  • Rich yet lightweight data for network traffic analysis

  • Ingests network packet data at up to 40 GbE

  • Flows per minute performance of up to 1.2M sustained and 6M peak

  • Flow data exported in NetFlow version 5 and version 9 and IPFIX formats

Purpose-Built High-Performance Objective Packet-to-Flow Generator

Generating flow data from network traffic is cProbe's only function. cProbe allows data to be consistent, which is especially important because intermittent blind spots have adverse consequences for ensuring security and solving problems that occur under heavy loads.

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  • "We were using a well-known packet broker and had to pay an additional cost for a Netflow export license. But, it still wasn't delivering the performance needed. Since switching to cPacket, we've had peace of mind with full network visibility and no add on costs."

    - SD-WAN Engineer at a utilities company

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