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Comprehensive Network Visibility Using Google’s Packet Mirroring – Solution Brief

cPacket Networks cCloud® Visibility Suite Extends Google Cloud Packet Mirroring

Customer satisfaction, competitiveness, operational efficiency, and profitability all rely on secure and responsive cloud-hosted applications. Therefore, visibility is essential for IT Operations to efficiently assure that network-aware application performance and end-user experiences are secure and responsive.


Learn the Benefits of Enhanced Packet Mirroring

  • Maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture

  • Assuring reliable end-user experiences

  • Optimizing connectivity and application performance

If You are Using Google Cloud...

Read the solution brief to learn how to cost-effectively use and deliver mirrored network packet data to gain comprehensive visibility into network and workload performance running in Google Cloud. Also learn how to reliably provide network traffic data for Network Detection and Response in your cloud environments.

Download the Solution Brief
  • "Most of the time, our customers have already decided on which cloud platform they want to host their workloads in. Making Google a strategic partner widens our offering and enables us to give our customers a choice of solutions to work with."

    - Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks

  • “Traffic visibility is critical to prevent security breaches and attacks as networks grow in complexity. With Packet Mirroring, our customers now have a way to proactively detect network intrusions, analyze, and diagnose application performance issues for both Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine, across all regions and machine types.”

    - Mahesh Narayanan, product manager at Google Cloud

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