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Effective and Efficient Network Management Requires Comprehensive Visibility – Infographic

Storing Network Traffic Data is a Crucial Element of Network Visibility

You have to be able to monitor a network to manage it, which is the primary reason to have real-time and historical details of what is happening, has happened, when, and why.

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  • Why storing traffic for historical analysis is vital for network management

  • The top 5 use cases for historical network traffic data

  • How packet capture storage fits into your monitoring architecture

This infographic shows the many advantages of storing packet and flow data

Capturing and storing network traffic data with solutions such as cPacket Networks' cStor® is critically important to the continuity of your IT and Business Operations. It is is a purpose-built storage and analysis platform that gives you a historical record of before, during and after events that is invaluable for security forensic analysis, threat hunting, and performance troubleshooting.

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  • “We had a security incident and luckily our network team had deployed cStor as an integrated packet capture solution with our security tools; so I was able to fetch the right forensics data to investigate and stop the threat timely.”

    - Security Operations Manager at a large insurance provider

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