Using Network Flow Data for Network Performance Monitoring – Infographic

Why You Should Use a Flow Data Generator

Why You Should Use a Flow Data Generator

Quickly learn the benefits of network flow data, and the added benefits of flow data from a dedicated flow generator appliance.

Download this Infographic to Quickly Understand ...

  • The benefits of consistent, reliable, and unbiased network flow data

  • How to integrate a flow generation and export appliance into your monitoring topology

Leverage Real-Time Network Intelligence from Flow Data

See how the cProbe flow generator-and-exporter easily fits into your monitoring topology and provides network intelligence that helps optimize network performance and strengthen cybersecurity defenses.

Download the Infographic
  • "We were using a well-known packet broker and had to pay an additional cost for a Netflow export license. But, it still wasn't delivering the performance needed. Since switching to cPacket, we've had peace of mind with full network visibility and no add on costs."

    - SD-WAN Engineer at a utilities company

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Some of the biggest names in the most demanding industries rely on cPacket solutions to monitor and manage their networks.

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