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Scalable and Resilient Network Visibility Throughout Your Amazon VPC – Video

cCloud® Suite of Virtual Appliances Gains Fault-Tolerant Scalability with Amazon Web Services Gateway Load Balancing

Visibility of IT infrastructure is essential to maximize security and performance of applications and experiences

  • Better visibility into network traffic in the cloud

  • Scalable IT operations

  • Easy to deploy, scale, and manage third-party virtual appliances

Scalable Fault-Tolerant Visibility Fabric

Any Amazon VPC has access to scalable fault-tolerant services through the AWS Gateway Load Balancer, including visibility services. Watch this overview and demonstration to see how to use the cCloud suite of virtual appliances with the AWS Gateway Load Balancer for fault-tolerant high-reliability monitoring.

Watch the Video
  • “cPacket’s cCloud solution enables our customers to realize their cloud migration plan and gain the visibility they need."

    - Paola Moretto, VP of System Engineering at cPacket Networks

  • "The tight integration with AWS Gateway Load Balancer allows us to offer turn-key solutions that greatly simplify IT operations."

    - Paola Moretto, VP of System Engineering at cPacket Networks

Watch the VIdeo
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