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Network Visibility for Virtualized Branch Offices – Solution Brief

cPacket Network Provides Visibility for Cisco ISRv Virtual Router on the Cisco ENCS and NFVIS Platform

cPacket offers a fully integrated visibility solution with Cisco Integrated Services Virtual Router (ISRv) running on Cisco ENCS/NFVIS for virtualized enterprise branch offices.

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The business benefits of a virtualized network visibility fabric running on Cisco ENCS/NFVIS

  • Operational efficiency

  • Increased profitability

  • Business scalability

Leveraging Cisco hardware and virtualization to gain network intelligence at remote branch offices

cPacket Networks cClear-V virtualized analytics engine interoperates with the Cisco Integrated Services Virtual Router (ISRv) running on Cisco Enterprise Network Compute System (ENCS)/ Virtual Network Functions Infrastructure Software (NFVIS) for virtualized enterprise branch offices. The cClear-V provides dashboards that give I&O teams actionable network intelligence to efficiently maintain infrastructure performance and security at remote branch offices.

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  • "I replaced another well-known packet broker with cPacket cVu a few years ago and since then my life has been peaceful. I’m never going back."

    - Senior Network Architect at a major multi-site hospital

  • "Maintaining a healthy network state is crucial for proper application performance and good end-user experience. cPacket has enabled us to assure business continuity and reduce our mean-time-to-resolution through proactive monitoring."

    - NetOps at a well-known entertainment company

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