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Proactive Cybersecurity Using Network Detection and Response – Solution Brief

A Winning Combination for Effective NDR

The cPacket Intelligent Observability Platform and the KPIs and security delivery it provides is an ideal fit for Corelight’s Open Network Detection and Response stack.

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A Winning Combination for Effective NDR

  • Strong cybersecurity posture

  • Seamlessly secure all IT environments

  • Fast and easy deployment

Integrated Network Observability, Security Monitoring, and Intrusion Detection

Preventing attacks and their consequences begins with monitoring network traffic and observing behaviors. Prevention is ideal, however, when events occur, causation, containment, response, and recovery must proceed quickly and effectively. Network-based visibility must provide information to security tools, analysts, and the security operations team.

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  • "cPacket has enabled us to assure business continuity and reduce our mean-time-to-resolution through proactive monitoring."

    - NetOps at a well-known entertainment company

  • "cPacket’s deep network visibility and traffic analysis capabilities provide the required level of visibility to strengthen our security posture."

    - SecOps at a global ride-share company

  • "A cloud-first strategy is crucial to our digital transformation and AI initiatives."

    - CloudOps at one of the largest global banks

Download the Solution Brief
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