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cPacket cClear Dashboards – Demo

Gain Actionable Intelligence and Manage cPacket Networks Solutions Across Hybrid IT Environments

Watch this introduction demo​ to see cPacket​ cClear​ in action.

Rapidly Identify and Visualize Network Issues

  • Eliminate guesswork and finger pointing

  • Seamlessly integrate with cloud-native monitoring tools

  • Gain a holisitic picture of what is happening in your physical and cloud environments

Dashboards with Analytics and Unified Administration in a Single-Pane-of-Glass

Comprehensive and simple dashboards provide network intelligence for efficiently managing any type of network using predefined and customizable dashboards. Data from branch, data centers, and multi-cloud environments is aggregated, correlated, analyzed, and visualized. cClear is used by many Fortune 500 companies to provide actionable network intelligence to their NoC, SoC, and IT Operations.

Watch the Demo
  • "As we moved to the cloud, cClear made our life really easy: as we didn’t need to learn any new screens and simply hooked the cPacket cCloud solution to our existing cClear platform."

    - Application Engineer at a major retail chain

  • "With cClear-V, network operators can deploy the functionality they need and at network locations where it’s needed. No other management console combines the complete visualization and management of all packet brokers, packet capture devices and traffic sensors on a network.”

    - Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks

Watch the Demo
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