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Today’s high-speed networks put more pressure on IT teams for management and monitoring. At 100 gig speeds, it takes only six-point-seven nanoseconds for a packet to pass by. Monitoring network traffic in real-time for security and performance issues is important - but it’s just not enough! What if you need to go back and investigate what happened during a certain time period?

Now there’s a solution: cPacket’s cStor series. cStor is a hyper-converged appliance family with compute, storage, and networking - all in one device. With cStor, you can capture, store, and analyze network packet data to reproduce and investigate critical issues - and perform security audits, regulatory compliance, policy enforcement, and capacity planning.

Having access to packet data for before, during, and after a security incident is critical for security tools to perform proper forensics analysis. Using open APIs, cStor complements and integrates with leading security tools. And, it eliminates the need to look at logs from multiple appliances.

cStor offers the same capabilities from 1 gig to 100 gig with extensible storage capacity of up to half a Petabyte. It can run as a virtual-machine or a cloud-native instance to extend its analysis capabilities to software-defined data centers, remote branch offices, and multi-cloud environments.

cStor is fully integrated with the cPacket cVu series advanced packet brokers to forward the right data streams to the right cStor capture devices. And with the cPacket cClear single-pane-of-glass analytics solution, you can download, filter, and analyze the packet data from multiple cStor devices for valuable analysis and insights - such as multi-point latency, packet delay variations, and TCP stats.

If you’re looking for increased business continuity, better operational efficiency, and stronger security…look no further than cPacket's cStor series!

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