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Business Continuity During/Post Cloud Migration with AWS – Webinar

The Cloud is No Longer a Black-Box for Performance and Security

The cPacket solution builds on Amazon VPC traffic mirroring to remove blind spots, provide complete visibility, and make the cloud transition smooth. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more.

This Joint AWS and cPacket Webinar Covers...

  • How AWS VPC Traffic Mirroring service duplicates the traffic from Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances within a VPC and forwards it to performance and security monitoring tools

  • How icPacket cCloud visibility suite for AWS provides add-on delivery/analysis services and analytics for application/network performance and security forensics

  • How the tightly integrated solution makes business continuity and service assurance possible by reducing the MTTR

AWS and cPacket Give You the Visibility You Need

Without the proper instrumentation and rich insights of network data within the cloud, full visibility is compromised as today’s log-based tools have several limitations.

Watch the Webinar
  • “cPacket’s cCloud solution enables our customers to realize their cloud migration plan and gain the visibility they need."

    - Paola Moretto, VP of System Engineering at cPacket Networks

  • "The tight integration with AWS Gateway Load Balancer allows us to offer turn-key solutions that greatly simplify IT operations.”

    - Paola Moretto, VP of System Engineering at cPacket Networks

Watch the On-Demand Webinar
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