Assure lossless packet delivery tools

Network Packet Brokers are tasked with distributing network traffic in the required format to specific tools such as Network Performance and Network Security tools. Unfortunately, most of today’s Packet Brokers are prone to dropping packets, which leaves them unable to consistently deliver the right packets to the right tools. The problem worsens at higher network speeds.

Now there’s a better solution: cPacket cVu series – a family of smart Network Packet Brokers that completely eliminates the risk of random dropped packets. Only the cPacket cVu network packet brokers have pre-ingress and post-egress Smart Ports with dedicated resources to inspect, process, and report network traffic before congestion can occur and cause dropped packets.

cVu’s Smart Ports perform advanced functions such as filtering, slicing, decapsulation, deduplication, nanosecond time-stamping, burst calculation, and load balancing. By controlling the ingress and egress, packets aren’t able to escape cVu’s inspection, even in the case of over-subscription. And by distributing the processing to the ports, cVu can run at 100G wire-speed on every port, and doesn’t get bogged down when you turn on advanced features.

More than just a Network Packet Broker, the cPacket solution has network-wide visibility and can report on one-way latency across critical devices, or across network segments. It can also search for matches in any packet across the whole network.

If you're looking for a better Packet Brokering solution - one that: sees and reports on all packets at 1 through 100G line rate; shows the overall health of your network; displays the throughput and performance of your security tool and essential network devices; proactively reports on network and server issues like latency and drops; and provides all features at one-third of the cost of other Packet Brokers…

…then you don’t need to look any further than cPacket cVu series

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