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Deepen Network Visibility to Include Encrypted Traffic with A10 – Solution Brief

Visibility Fabric from cPacket Networks Plus Thunder SSLi from A10 Heightens Network Detection and Response

The validated joint solution combines cPacket Networks’ cVu® series Network Packet Broker+ products with A10 Networks’ SSL Insight (Thunder SSLi) – a natural fit for robust Network Detection and Response and a strong cybersecurity posture.

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Visibility into SSL/TLS Encrypted Traffic is Necessary for a Strong Cybersecurity Posture

  • Ensure network detection and responses have full visibility to all network traffic

  • Eliminate exposure and risk of cyberattacks that try to use encrypted payloads

  • Provide the right data in the right decrypted format to your cybersecurity tools

  • Policies can easily isolate and segment unencrypted data to comply with regulatory data privacy mandates

Extend Network Traffic Visibility to Include Encrypted Traffic

As with all cyberattacks, malware and malicious activity hidden by encryption must be detected to be prevented. Therefore, all traffic, including encrypted traffic, must be visible to cybersecurity tools for inspection, detection, and prevention. The solution from cPacket Networks and A10 extends network traffic visibility to include encrypted traffic to provide full visibility into all network traffic that drives a strong cybersecurity posture.

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  • "Pairing visibility fabric from cPacket Networks with the Network Security solutions from A10 is a natural fit for Network Detection and Response."

    - Muhammad Haseeb, Product Manager at cPacket Networks

  • "These complementary solutions integrate simply and seamlessly for our customers."

    - Mubeen Alam, Technical Product Manager at A10

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