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cPacket Bucks the Big-Iron Trend with Pervasive Distributed Network Analysis – Brief

Fully Reliable, Tightly Integrated, and Consistently Simple

Network, application, and security teams can now proactively identify issues before negatively impacting the business. The result: increased security, reduced complexity, and improved operational efficiency.

Consolidate, Monitor, and Forward the Right Data to the Right Tools

  • cVu: High-performance any-to-any monitoring fabric for data center spine-leaf, edge and north-south traffic

  • cVu-V: VM/NFV-based east-west traffic monitoring for software-defined data centers and branch offices

  • cCloud cVu-V: Cloud-native or container-based VPC traffic monitoring, filtering, replication and load-balancing

cPacket Continues to Evolve its Traffic Visibility Offering

The cVu series is built on a distributed, scalable architecture to eliminate packet loss, so your tools see the full picture. With simple licensing, you get all the features, all the time, at zero additional cost.

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  • "cPacket has always bucked the trends in the network and application visibility market."

    - Christian Renaud, 451 Research

  • "With its distributed approach to analysis for network data that can be summarized (such as IoT time-series data), cPacket conserves valuable bandwidth compared with traditional SPAN/RSPAN backhaul approaches."

    - Christian Renaud, 451 Research

  • "The company’s distributed analysis capabilities, paired with centralized policy management and overlay-protocol-friendly correlation, are well suited for forthcoming Internet of Things projects."

    - Christian Renaud, 451 Research

Download the Brief
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