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Why Choose cPacket?

Things to Consider When Choosing a Network Packet Broker

Choosing the right packet broker can be difficult. Today’s organizations are faced with increasing speeds, complex network architectures, virtualization and cloud computing.

cPacket Networks isn’t your traditional packet broker

We’ve designed cutting-edge network monitoring solutions to provide companies with the right tools they need to effectively and efficiently run their data centers.

When you choose cPacket, you get the highest performance for the best value. No bottlenecks, no dropped packets, no high costs.

Wondering how cPacket stacks up against the competition? cPacket provides an all-in-one network monitoring solution with industry leading features and benefits. This table compares some of cPacket’s standard features vs. the competition.

cPacket Others
NPB App Brokering Session/flow aware load balancing included limited/extra cost
N:1 and 1:N port aggregation included included
Unlocked transceivers yes locked to vendor
Data burst buffering included included
Advanced packet brokering Accurate time-stamping included not available or extra cost
Timestamp extraction from other devices included not available or extra cost
Source port labeling included included
Packet slicing, trimming included extra blade
ERSPAN termination @ 40Gbps included not available
RegEx filtering (count, pass, drop) included limited/extra cost
Tunneling included extra cost
De-duplication included extra cost
Header stripping included extra cost
MACsec decryption included not available
Feature throughput line rate limited / extra cost
Layer 2&3 Network Performance Monitoring Top talkers included limited or not available
Millisecond resolution included not available
Packet size distribution included not available
Burst and Microburst analysis included not available
Line rate selective packet capture (10G/ 40G) included not available
TCP flags breakdown included not available
Layer 4+ network and application processing NetFlow included extra cost
Packet capture for forensics available not available
GTP Filtering included extra cost / extra module
Speeds and Feeds Ability to use ALL ports on the device All ports at all speeds included Extra cost based on # of ports and port speeds
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