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The Value of an Integrated Monitoring Fabric

As network speeds and bandwidth increase, centralized monitoring solutions struggle to overcome bottlenecks, dropped packets, and data loss. These scalability problems are inherent to legacy monitoring architectures that rely on aggregating massive amount of traffic for centralized processing, and perform analysis based on after-the-fact information.

cPacket’s Integrated Monitoring Fabric overcomes these issues with its next generation network performance architecture that improves operational efficiency, and reduces mean time to resolution by providing an integrated framework that proactively identifies issues that degrade network performance before end-users are impacted.

  • Proactively identify issues that degrade network performance before end-users are impacted
  • Enabling greater operational intelligence by integrating high-level network visualization of network events with immediate access to complete packet inspection
  • Improving OPEX through better agility for troubleshooting and faster mean time to resolution
  • Integrated solution reduces CAPEX from across your entire monitoring infrastructure

Visualization Layer

cClear’s visualization tools allow you to proactively monitor and better understand network behavior

Performance Analytics and Forensic Layers

cVu Monitoring Appliances are distributed across your network to provide broad coverage of the entire environment by inspecting packet traffic in real time, bringing Operational Intelligence directly to the wire, and eliminating the risk of bottlenecks and data loss.

cStor Forensic Storage Arrays capture and archive packet traffic, allowing you to retrieve specific incidents while troubleshooting, making intermittent problems easier to understand and solve.

Production Network

This is the lifeblood of your organization. Your productivity depends on it. Your revenue depends on it. Your compliance depends on it. If it goes down or isn’t performing properly, you have a problem.

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