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cVu® Network Packet Broker+

Consolidate, Monitor And Forward The Right Data To The Right Tools

Why You Need A Packet Broker Request Demo

The industry’s number 1 packet broker+, cVu series is built on a distributed, scalable architecture to eliminate packet loss, so your tools see the full picture. With simple licensing, you get all the features, all the time, at zero additional cost.



High-performance any-to-any monitoring fabric for data center spine-leaf, edge and north-south traffic
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VM/NFV-based east-west traffic monitoring for software-defined data centers and branch offices
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cCloud cVu-V

Cloud-native or container-based VPC traffic monitoring, filtering, replication and load-balancing
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cVu vs. Other Packet Brokers

Traditional packet brokers are built on a static, centralized architecture and require additional feature cards for key functionality. The result? Dropped packets, performance bottlenecks, escalating costs and heightened risk. This is one of the reasons why so many Fortune 500 customers have switched to cPacket.

cVu vs. Other Packet Brokers
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“I replaced another well-known packet broker with cPacket cVu a few years ago and since then my life has been peaceful. I’m never going back.”


Senior Network Architect at a major multi-site hospital

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