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cTap® - Test Access Points for Network Monitoring

Passively Mirror Packet Data from the Wire at Strategic Vantage Points

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Use cTap compact modular TAPs to passively and transparently mirror wire data to where its needed, including to network packet brokers for smart delivery to security and performance management tools.


cTap Wire-Data Modular TAPs

1Gbps through 100Gbps wire-speed passive modular TAPs for data center, enterprise, and edge networks
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cTap modules are cost-effective, passive, and easy to deploy to meet any scale. The world's largest organizations in all major industries and governments trust cTap appliances to reliably mirror packet data from the wire, you can too.

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“Prior to deploying the cPacket visibility solution, it was like driving a car blind. Tapping our network infrastructure and first time seeing the facts on screen was an eye-opening experience.”


Network Engineer at a well-known utility company

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