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cProbe® Flow Generator Observability Node

Generate and Export Flow Data from Packet Data

Why You Need Flow Data?

cProbe is a purpose-built high-performance packet-to-flow generator and exporter that can be deployed as an on-premises appliance, virtual machine (VM) or in a cloud-native instance


cProbe Observability Node

Purpose-built 10/40G packet-to-flow gateway appliance for data center spine-leaf, edge, and north-south traffic monitoring
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cProbe-V Observability Node

VM/NFV based east-west traffic monitoring for the software-defined data center and branch office
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cCloud cProbe-V Observability Node

Cloud-native or container-based VPC traffic monitoring and flow-generation
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Traditional mechanisms such as using packet brokers or switches and routers do not scale well when (Netflow/IPFIX) flow generation is turned on; impairing their primary role of traffic forwarding. The result? Dropped packets, performance bottlenecks, escalating costs, and heightened risk. This is one of the reasons why so many Fortune 500 customers have switched to cPacket.

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“We were using a well-known packet broker and had to pay an additional cost for a Netflow export license. But, it still wasn't delivering the performance needed. Since switching to cPacket, we've had peace of mind with full network visibility and no add on costs.”


SD-WAN Engineer at a utilities company

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