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September 2021 Newsletter

September 1, 2021

Check out all the latest news, events, and happenings at cPacket Networks.

What’s New

Showcase: 3 Reasons Why Ransomware Recovery Requires Packet Data

Ransomware attacks are on the rise.
Read the HelpNet Security article.

Article: 5 Items to Monitor to Detect DDoS Attacks

Are you part of federal, state, or local government IT?
Read the NextGov article.

Case Study: Government Protects its Hybrid Infrastructure and Sensitive Data with Visibility-Driven NDR

Learn how a government’s DoD uses high-fidelity network visibility to drive automated threat detection and effective threat hunting to defend against cyberwarfare attacks.
Download the case study.

Whitepaper: Improving Cyber Risk Resilience

Cyberattacks of all types are increasing, especially ransomware. Strong measures are necessary to be resilient to this regrettable trend.
Download the whitepaper.

Article: 6 Network Protocols that Signal an Incoming DDoS Attack

Network visibility can be a litmus test for many types of attacks.
Read the SC Media article.

Article: A Millisecond Makes a Difference When it Comes to Financial Network

Financial trading companies have extremely high requirements for their networks; market transactions can be won or lost based on milliseconds and just a few individual data packets.
Read the Bankless Times article.

Blog: Network Visibility is Key to Reducing Cyber Risks
It is an unfortunate fact that cyberattacks are increasing. All aspects of cybercrime are growing. Read the blog.

Blog: Why We Fuss About Network Detection and Response

Our customers are rightfully fussy about the quality of the visibility so they can best assure security. So, we, too, are fussy about visibility. Read the blog.

Blog: What’s Needed for High-Fidelity, Low-Latency HPC Network Monitoring at 100Gbps

Enterprise migration to 100Gbps network continues to accelerate, with High-Performance Computing data centers leading the charge. Read the blog.

Blog: Root Cause Analysis of Common Network and User Experience Problems

To successfully identify and remediate service-impacting issues at 100Gbps and lower MTTR, IT needs to monitor a wide range of metrics and data sources. Read the blog.

Showcase: cPacket at National Homeland Security Conference

cPacket had a busy booth at the National Homeland Security Conference last week. If you missed it, you can still book a virtual meeting with us.

Showcase: cPacket at GMIS MEETS 2021

cPacket had a busy GMIS MEETS with lots of interest in our NDR solution. If you missed us, you can still book a virtual meeting with us.

Community: cPacket and St. Jude Together in Saving the Children

Giving back to the community – cPacket sponsored the 29th annual St. Jude Chicago Golf Classic and distributed giveaways.

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