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September 2020 Newsletter

September 1, 2020

What’s New

New Article: “The Evolution of Application Centric Network Visibility in Public Cloud”

“As most enterprises go cloud-first and cloud-smart, a key component in providing full network-aware application and security monitoring is eliminating blind spots in the public cloud.” To read more of this bylined article by cPacket‘s Vice President of Product Management and Global Marketing, Nadeem Zahid, in APMdigest, click on “The Evolution of Application Centric Network Visibility in Public Cloud”.

Public Cloud Spotlight: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

cPacket Networks’ cCloud network visibility-as-a-service (VaaS) offering is now validated with the three leading public cloud providers. Last month we showcased cCloud for Google Cloud and this month we are showcasing it for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

The cCloud suite works with and enhances Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring. Read the Amazon Web Services Solution Brief: Extending Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring.

cPacket Networks provides its unique cVu-V virtual network packet broker operating in an inline configuration to acquire and relay packet data resulting from workloads running in Azure. Read the Microsoft Azure Solution Brief: Comprehensive Visibility for Microsoft Azure


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