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October 2020 Newsletter

October 1, 2020

What’s New

New Article: “Starting A Successful AIOps Initiative”

“The application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) – known as AIOps – is a hot trend in the enterprise and service provider world and for good reason: it can turbocharge IT operations. Done correctly, AIOps increases IT operational accuracy, agility, and efficiency.” To read more of this bylined article by Hari Miriyala, VP Software Engineering at cPacket Networks, in insideBIGDATA, click on “Starting A Successful AIOps Initiative”.

New Article: “Four Ways Network Traffic Analysis Benefits Security Teams”

“The march towards digital transformation and the increasing volume of cyberattacks are finally driving IT security and network teams towards better collaboration. This idea isn’t new, but it’s finally being put into practice at many major enterprises.” To learn the four ways that network data and network traffic analysis can benefit the SecOps team at the Security Operations Center level, read this bylined article by Nadeem Zahid, VP of Product Management and Marketing at cPacket Networks, in Help Net Security. Read more by clicking on “Four Ways Network Traffic Analysis Benefits Security Teams”.

Upcoming Webinar: “Successfully Monitoring 100Gbps Networks”

Join us on October 8th for “Successfully Monitoring 100Gbps Networks” and learn how to avoid costly pitfalls and exposure to your network as well as:

  • What to look for and look out for with network monitoring solutions
  • The importance of hardware-accelerated network packet processing at 100Gbps data rates
  • Single and multi-tier monitoring topologies to extend the life of tools that operate at slower data rates

Live Thursday, October 08, 2020
8:00 AM Pacific Time / 11:00 AM Eastern Time / 3:00 PM GMT
Register here Successfully Monitoring 100Gbps Networks

Product Update: cCor Software Releases

We are pleased to announce general availability of the following cCor ® software releases: (customers can view the release notes by logging into our Support Portal).

cStor ® series models: 40/25/15/5 now support of forwarding captured packets using Kafka by adding Kafka Kerberos security to the flow exporter and reporting the “uptime” of the cStor device.

cVu ® model 1000 includes a new user interface and workflows revised for greater ease of use including drag-and-drop topology configuration. Other features are IPv6 filtering with bit masking and SNMP v3 support.

On-Demand Webinars, Panels, and Workshops:


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