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November 2020 Newsletter

November 1, 2020


New Article: “Assuring Business Continuity by Reducing Malware Dwell Time”

“Malware attacks cost US companies $2.6 million per company on average — and that amount is increasing, according to a 2019 report from Accenture Security and the Ponemon Institute. Part of the reason for this increase is the growing number of network blind spots: CISOs and security teams can’t see into certain portions of the network, so if malware manages to get past perimeter defenses, it can sit, undetected, and wreak havoc.”

To get the four tips to address the key challenges of network monitoring, read the full article in Dark Reading by Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO at cPacket Networks – “ Assuring Business Continuity by Reducing Malware Dwell Time”.


New Article: “Improving Network Visibility Across Distributed Hybrid IT Environments”

“More and more aspects of business depend on the network, especially as digital transformation drives a ‘new normal’ for virtual and remote operations. This new normal includes ever-increasing 24×365 connectivity, bandwidth with very low latency and jitter, and an acceleration of trends around bring-your-own-devices (BYOD), software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, remote work (especially since the outbreak of Covid-19), and shadow IT.”

Read the rest of this article by Nadeem Zahid, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at cPacket Networks, please read “Improving Network Visibility Across Distributed Hybrid IT Environments”.


On-Demand Webinar: “Network Monitoring for the Next-Gen Data Center”

Digital transformation is pushing for consolidated, denser, and more intelligent data centers. At the same time, explosive growth of data driven by mobility, smart devices, IoT, 5G and digital services is driving trends like edge computing and micro-data centers. These data centers are more compute and data intensive with far more network traffic and higher need for embedded instrumentation for monitoring. Watch the on-demand webinar “Network Monitoring for the Next-Gen Data Center”.


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