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May 2023 Newsletter

May 11, 2023

Check out the latest news, events, and happenings at cPacket Networks!

What’s New


Webinar: The Future of Packet Acquisition in the Cloud

May 17, 2023, at 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT

Join us to learn about the limitations and deployment challenges associated with utilizing native cloud service provider packet mirroring solutions. And how cPacket’s cCloud product suite can enhance or replace CSP packet mirroring offerings with a more robust and flexible solution. REGISTER NOW!

STAC Summit New York – May 31, 2023

Visit us at STAC Summit NY to hear Iain Kenney deliver his session entitled Understanding System Architectural Tradeoffs is key to delivering on your Network Monitoring Goals. And then, stop by our booth to learn more about why hybrid-cloud network observability is critical to your business. REGISTER NOW!

Cisco Live! Las Vegas – June 4-8, 2023

Stop by our booth 10107 at Cisco Live Las Vegas for a demo or to speak to one of our Solution Experts!

Enter for a chance to win a daily prize and learn how cPacket can enable your Hybrid-Cloud Network Observability strategy. When every packet counts, we’ll help show you what you’re missing!

Product News

cVu400NGE and cVu560NGE introduced full support for Aggregation ports in the latest release 22.2.4.  This brings together the Smart ports with the additional flexibility of Aggregation ports in a single platform for those extra tool connections.  For a demo, reach out to your cPacket Representative today.

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