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May 2020 Newsletter

May 1, 2020

What’s New

Upcoming Live Panel

If you’re in the middle of or are about to start a cloud migration project, you won’t want to miss our upcoming panel “How to Manage End User Experience and Services during Cloud Migration”.

Join our esteemed panel of experts to learn:

  • Preparedness for real-world challenges of network-aware application monitoring and service assurance during cloud migration
  • Different scenarios and real-world examples of issues encountered, and resolutions provided using network visibility
  • Tips, techniques, and tools to use that will make your life easier

How to Manage End User Experience and Services During Cloud Migration
Wednesday, May 13th, 2020
8:00 am PDT/11:00 am EDT
Duration: 60 Minutes

On-Demand Webinars

If you missed this week’s popular workshop on “Troubleshooting Tips & Techniques for Cloud Monitoring and Cyber Security”, you can watch it on-demand now.

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How to gain 20/20 visibility and overcome blind spots in public cloud like AWS, Azure and GCP
  • How to pinpoint and troubleshoot bottlenecks and workload performance issues in the public cloud
  • How to capture and analyze cloud traffic for threat detection and cloud security

Tips & Techniques for Cloud Monitoring and Cyber Security
Duration: 50 Minutes

We recently hosted this webinar that covered the interrelated topics of AIOps and Network Data and why both are essential for efficient IT operations.

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • What AIOps can do for you
  • Why and how high-quality network data that is consistent, comprehensive, and reliable is crucial for AIOps
  • How to maximize your AIOps program that drives efficiency for all IT areas

The Critical Role of Network Data for AIOps
Duration: 50 Minutes

Analyst Report

As an IT network, security, application, or cloud professional dealing with the challenges of monitoring a distributed hybrid environment you should read the new 451Research report “Distributed Network Monitoring in a Hybrid World”.

This Business Impact Brief from 451 Research shares insights from leading industry analysts about network monitoring and some common shortcomings that will adversely impact your business plus guidance about how to avoid them.

Download the Business Brief: Distributed Network Monitoring in a Hybrid World.


100G-Enabled High-Speed Network Visibility: The Rise of 100G Ethernet

Visibility is required for troubleshooting and root-cause identification which highly depends on the information and data available. From the network perspective, the sources of data can be divided into three classes: events, flows, and packets. The quality of the data and the quality of measurements determine how reliable the resolution process is. If the data is incomplete or the quality is compromised, the quality of the results will not be good enough for decision making. Let’s compare the three common sources and the corresponding types of data to understand the pros and cons of each.

Read the full blog: Packets, Flows, Events based Data

Network Data Is Essential for AIOps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming ubiquitous and a commonly applied data processing method for infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams. AI for IT Operations (AIOps) ensures the success of organizational initiatives that use AI to improve customer experiences, marketing and sales effectiveness, business operations, etc. Network data is essential for AIOps because it encompasses a lot of details about how end-users and IoT devices experience connectivity, applications, and services.

Read the full blog: Network Data is Essential for AIOps

100Gbps-Enabled High-Speed Network Visibility: The Rise of 100G Ethernet

Digital transformation is driving trends such as data center consolidation, increased mobility, and complexity of applications and IT infrastructure. This is resulting in denser infrastructures, higher connectivity bandwidth, and a need for more management instrumentation. There has also been an increase in 100Gbps (100G) line-rate requirements for network architecture.

Read the full blog: 100G-Enabled High-Speed Network Visibility

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