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June 2021 Newsletter

June 1, 2021

Check out all the latest news, events, and happenings at cPacket Networks.

cPacket Extends Industry-Leading Ultra-Low-Latency Monitoring and Brokering Solution for 100Gbps Network Observability

cPacket has announced two new products to deliver ultra-low-latency, high-performance, high-density 100Gbps network observability. Building on cPacket’s existing 100Gbps portfolio, the new cVu® 32100 and cVu 32100E network packet broker+ allow enterprises to acquire, aggregate, observe, and reliably deliver network packet data to IT performance and security tools. Equipped with advanced features, these products provide the best solution in the industry for ultra-low-latency monitoring and packet brokering at the same time.

Read the full press release
Visit the cVu
product page
Read the new blog “Performance Always Matters, Especially When it Comes to Observing Network Traffic at 100Gbps
Read the new solution brief “Intelligent Observability for 100Gbps Networks

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Article: What’s Needed for High-Fidelity, Low Latency HPC Network Monitoring at 100Gbps

“Enterprise migration to 100Gbps network speeds continues to accelerate, with high-performance computing (HPC) data centers leading the charge. According to data from Crehan Research, 100 and 25Gbps Ethernet speeds rose 40 percent year-over-year in 2020, with more growth expected over the next several years.” cPacket’s newly launched products can help.

Read the full article published by insideHPC: “What’s Needed for High-Fidelity, Low-Latency HPC Network Monitoring at 100Gbps“.

Article: The Why and How of a Two-Tier Network Monitoring Topology

“As data centers upgrade to 100Gbps speeds to support the need for speed and high-performance workloads, they will need to maintain network visibility and security during and after the process to prevent bottlenecks and threats. However, many security and performance tools cannot ingest data at 100Gbps, which leaves blind spots that can be exploited by cyber criminals.” cPacket’s newly launched products can help.

Read the full article published by Network Computing: “The Why and How of a Two-Tier Network Monitoring Topology“.

Article: Reducing Downtime Costs with an Efficient Packet Brokering Architecture

“A study by IHS research found that network downtime costs North American organizations $700 billion per year, ranging from $1 million a year for a typical mid-size company to $60 million for large enterprises. This includes lost productivity, lost revenue and sales, and the cost of sending technicians to the impacted sites to diagnose and fix issues.”

Read the full article published by VMblog: “Reducing Downtime Costs with an Efficient Packet Brokering Architecture“.

On-Demand Webinar: Assuring Performance of Large Networks – Success Factors and Stories from the Trenches

A top priority for the IT team is to assure secure and optimal operation of the organization’s IT infrastructure, including the network that provides critical connectivity. Assurance is an ongoing process that necessitates IT personnel having detailed insights and the security and performance management tools they use having high-quality and actionable network data.

In this webinar we discuss when to connect a TAP to a monitoring device and how to use dashboards and data virtualization. We also go over real-world monitoring success stories.

On-Demand Webinar: How to Turbocharge NetOps for High-Speed Observability

Visibility is what Network Operators and IT teams rely on most to avert network problems such as lost packets, unacceptable latencies, and connectivity outages; all of which can cost millions of dollars and expose an organization to cyberattacks.

Join us for this on-demand webinar to learn tips and techniques for incident detection, root-cause analysis, and proactive remediation. Watch “How to Turbocharge NetOps for High-Speed Observability“.

Blog: 100Gbps is Increasingly Popular and is Creating a Host of Management Challenges

Name virtually any technology trend — digital transformation, cloud-first operations, data center consolidation, mobility, streaming data, AI/ML, the application explosion, etc. — they all have one thing in common: an insatiable need for higher bandwidth (and often, low latency). The result is a steady push to move 10Gbps and 25Gbps network infrastructure towards the edge and increasing adoption of 100Gbps in enterprise core, datacenter, and service provider networks.

Read the full blog here.

Blog: Assuring Business Continuity by Reducing Malware Dwell Time

Malware attacks cost US companies $2.6 million per company on average — and that amount is increasing. Part of the reason for this increase is the growing number of network blind spots: CISOs and security teams can’t see into certain portions of the network, so if malware manages to get past perimeter defenses, it can sit, undetected, and wreak havoc.

Read the full blog here.

Blog: Improving Network Visibility Across Distributed Hybrid IT Environments

More and more aspects of business depend on the network, especially as digital transformation drives a “new normal” for virtual and remote operations. This new normal includes ever-increasing 24x7x365 connectivity, bandwidth with very low latency and jitter, and an acceleration of trends around bring-your-own-devices (BYOD), software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, remote work, and shadow IT.

Read the full blog here.

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