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June 2020 Newsletter

June 1, 2020

What’s New

Product Launch: cProbe® Packet-to-Flow Gateway and cStor® Extensible Storage and Self-Encrypted Drives

cPacket has launched the new cProbe ® series appliance – a purpose-built device designed to collect packet-data from the network, construct flow-data out of it, and export it in standard (NetFlow/IPFIX) format to be consumed by security and performance tools, flow collectors, and analytics applications. cProbe-V ® provides the same capabilities in virtualized and multi-cloud environments. cPacket also adds the cPacket Extensible Storage (CES) and Self-Encrypted Drives (SED) capabilities to its existing cStor ® series packet capture appliances.

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Visit the cProbe product page

Executive Panel: Reduce Customer Churn by Investing in Network Visibility

Great experiences drive customer loyalty, lifetime value, and competitive advantage; conversely, poor experiences drive churn. Assuring great customer and end-user experience is a necessity that requires investing in reliable and trustworthy network visibility – especially when the role of the network is turning strategic for digital transformation.

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Infographic: Why Use A Flow Generator Device?

While packet data is the highest resolution data you can get from the network, sometimes it may be too much to dive into and all you need is the flow data. This is particularly desirable for the security tools such as SIEM devices, application identification, SD-WAN use cases, higher-level network monitoring dashboards, and flow collectors.

Download: Why Use a Flow Generator Device? single-page infographic to learn how you can convert packet data into consumable flow data easily.


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