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July 2020 Newsletter

July 1, 2020

What’s New

Partnerships Spotlight: NVIDIA and Vectra

If you are looking to maximize network performance and get robust threat prevention with fast forensic analysis, then these best-in-class solutions from cPacket Networks and our partners are for you. NVIDIA, the global leader in accelerated computing, and Vectra, the leader in Network Detection and Response whose respective solutions use cPacket’s Visibility suite for visibility and data from end-user and IoT devices at the edge to workloads running in the cloud and on-premises data centers.

Read this Solution Brief: cPacket-Nvidia joint solution for Infrastructure-Integrated Network Visibility

Read this Solution Brief: cPacket-Vectra joint solution for Network Detection and Response

New eBook: Achieving Network Visibility – 5 Key Requirements

Tired of trying to figure out what’s happening on your network? Is a lack of network visibility keeping you up at night?

Download Achieving Network Visibility – 5 Key Requirements to get in-depth information on how a next-generation network packet broker can help you build a network visibility architecture.

Product Updates

We are pleased to announce general availability of the following updates to our products: (customers can view the release notes by logging into our support portal)

cCor software release 20.1.1 for cVu series models: 160/240/400/560/2440/3240/16100. This update simplifies viewing topologies with large numbers of ports and adds more end-user actions and events to the audit log. Security improvements include increased password strength and expirations for local end-users.

cCor software release 20.1.1 for cVu1000. Now supports MPLS stripping for up to 5 labels.

cCor software release 20.1.1 for cStor series models: 40/25/15/5. It is now possible to view reports in Wireshark directly from the User Interface. Additional upgrades include audit log compliance and tracking information that timestamps end-user activity. Also added are new statistics for flows, “Fast Filters” to simplify downloading specific packets, the ability to select specific streams for PCAP downloads, and support for self-encrypted drives.

cCor software release 20.1.2 for cClear and cClear-V series. This update supports the “Fast Filter” capability for data stored with cStor, plus audit log compliance and tracking information that timestamps end-user activity. Workflow improvements include streamlined administrative operations such as network configuration, time synchronization, and grouping common functions together.

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