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January 2022 Newsletter

February 16, 2022

Check out the latest news, events, and happenings at cPacket Networks!

What’s New

Blog: Detecting the Log4j Exploit

Detecting indicators from cyberattacks such as Log4j exploit requires knowing what penetrated your network and its perimeter defenses. Our cVu® has the unique ability to analyze every packet on every port using custom hardware acceleration to help find vulnerabilities like the Log4j exploit.

Blog: Improving Hybrid Cloud Security

With cyberattacks increasing in frequency, businesses need to do everything to protect stakeholders, enterprise data and future interests. Security in the cloud is essential for enterprise success as IT must operate continuously and flawlessly. SecOps teams need actionable data and visibility to maintain security.
Product Updates

cCloud™ Visibility Suite – Release 21.1.

cPacket cCloud 21.1.1 is available and deployment-ready for Microsoft Azure.

The cCloud Visibility Suite of virtualized appliances for securing and assuring data and workloads in cloud and hybrid environments is now available for Microsoft Azure. Key features include:

  • Direct network packet acquisition with filtering and replication from custom vantage points
  • Capturing network packets to storage for forensic evidence and analysis
  • Seamless elastic scalability and unified fabric management throughout Azure, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments

For additional information refer to: cCloud Visibility Suite data sheet

cStor ® – Release 21.2.1

cPacket cStor 21.2.1 is now generally available for cStor 5, cStor 15, cStor 25, and cStor 40. Key features include:

  • Export data using Kafka Flow
  • Secure Data Erase using DoD 5220.22-M Wiping Standard
  • Storage information request via API

For additional information refer to: cStor data sheet
cVu® – Release 21.2.1 for NG designated Network Packet Brokers

cPacket cVu 21.2.1 is now generally available for specific cVu NG NPB models. Key features include:

  • Market Data Gap Detection (aka cMDF)
  • New profiling information provided by the cBurst feature, specifically –
    VXLAN inner packet filtering and VLAN Absent using wildcard characters
  • Deduplication now supports larger time windows for identifying duplicates

For additional information refer to: cVu Network Packet Broker+ data sheet

You can review the full set of new features in the release notes by logging into the support portal

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