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cPacket’s Cx4100, the Industry’s First and Only Solution to Provide Wirespeed Network Monitoring at 100Gbps, Now Available

June 27, 2017

cPacket’s Cx4100, the Industry’s First and Only Solution to Provide Wirespeed Network Monitoring at 100Gbps, Now Available

cPacket’s Cx series brings multiport 100Gbps monitoring to the wire with release of its Cx4100 and Q3 availability of the Cx8100

SAN JOSE, CA—Jun. 27, 2017—cPacket Networks, a leading provider of next-generation network performance monitoring (NPM) and analytics solutions, today announced that its Cx4100 is now available. As part of cPacket’s cClear platform, the Cx4100 is the industry’s first and only solution to provide wirespeed network monitoring at 100Gbps (100 gigabits per second) under all traffic conditions. The Cx4100 leverages cPacket’s next-generation distributed monitoring architecture. In doing so, Cx4100 outperforms centralized legacy monitoring systems by bringing intelligence directly to the wire. This allows network engineers to monitor 100Gbps links at millisecond resolution, enabling true capacity planning and wirespeed packet KPIs, while meeting regulatory monitoring requirements.

The Cx4100 easily integrates with existing cPacket solutions to provide analytics and visualization up to 100Gbps, without the need to redesign the monitoring architecture, providing the broadest, most scalable, and secure NPM footprint available. “cPacket is excited to announce the release of our Cx4100, bringing 100Gbps monitoring capabilities to our cClear platform,” said Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO at cPacket Networks. “For the first time, network engineers, architects, and administrators can leverage a centralized analytics and dashboard console to monitor their critical networks up to 100Gbps, while maintaining millisecond accuracy. We believe our Cx series is a game changer, and is the only solution capable of truly tackling the challenges of 100Gbps network performance monitoring.”

As the first NPM solution to monitor the network at the wire, cPacket’s Cx4100 eliminates the risk of false positives or negatives, or of dropped packets—the primary issues plaguing legacy NPM systems, such as packet brokers and packet capture NICs. These solutions simply move packets around, rather than provide analysis. Pure software solutions cannot meet the NPM demands that come with the increased adoption of 100Gbps. Key Cx4100 features include: High-performance spike detection (millisecond speeds at up to a thousand feeds) at 100Gbps through hardware analytics for trouble shooting, utilization, and capacity planning Four 100Gbps interfaces, with all interfaces capable of monitoring at wirespeed Nanosecond-precision timestamping, which is critical in regulated environments, such as in financial services Automated load balancing from 100Gbps down to 10Gbps.

In addition to the immediate availability of the Cx4100, cPacket is also announcing that its Cx8100 is slated for release in Q3 2017. With eight ports, twice that of the Cx4100, the Cx8100 is designed to help further meet the proliferation of 100Gbps and the NPM demands that come with its increased adoption. In fact, 100Gbps is currently the fastest growing segment of the switch market. According to research from IDC, sales in 100Gbps Ethernet switches is expected to grow to $1.75 billion in 2017, up from $747 million in 2016. Furthermore, Infonetics predicts that 100Gbps will account for approximately two thirds of all bandwidth deployed in service provider networks by 2018.

The Cx8100 will be available in Q32017. “With the proliferation of 100Gbps comes increased challenges, particularly with the monitoring of enterprise and service provider networks,” said Jim Duffy, Senior Analyst, 451 Research. “As 100Gbps networks see more mainstream adoption, many organizations are quickly finding that their legacy monitoring capabilities are obsolete. Solutions such as cPacket’s Cx series should help reduce risks such as false positives or negatives, or dropped packets, making the transition to 100Gbps easier.”


The cPacket Cx4100 is available now. The Cx8100 will be available in Q3 2017. To learn more, please visit


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cPacket Networks offers next-generation performance monitoring, packet brokering and security forensics solutions for service providers and other large network operators that are built around its innovative Distributed Monitoring Architecture. By bringing network intelligence closer to the wire, cPacket enables network operators to proactively identify problems before they negatively impact end-users. cPacket delivers real-time performance analytics at line-rate speeds up to 40Gbps and 100Gbps and provides the broadest coverage available in the industry. By improving operational efficiency and proactively identifying problems, cPacket customers are able achieve substantial OPEX and CAPEX savings. Based in Silicon Valley, CA, cPacket solutions are relied on by operators of the world’s largest service provider and enterprise networks. Learn more at, the cPacket blog, or follow us on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook.

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