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cPacket’s cClear Delivers the Industry’s Most Scalable, Distributed, and Accurate Network Performance Monitoring at the Wire

June 20, 2017

cPacket’s cClear Delivers the Industry’s Most Scalable, Distributed, and Accurate Network Performance Monitoring at the Wire

New and Improved Visualization Capabilities and Integrated Workflows Leverage cPacket’s Proprietary ASIC Technology and Hardware Architecture to Resolve Issues Plaguing the Network in Real-time

SAN JOSE, CA—Jun. 20, 2017—cPacket Networks, a leading provider of next-generation network performance monitoring (NPM) and analytics solutions, today announced significant enhancements to its cClear platform, the most robust NPM solution on market. Utilizing cPacket’s patented application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technology and hardware architecture to capture the most real-time accurate data possible from cPacket’s distributed devices, cClear delivers the industry’s most accurate wirespeed NPM, capacity planning, and troubleshooting solution for network operators, architects, CIOs, and CTOs. In its recent Feb 2017 Critical Capabilities for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics report, Gartner predicts that by 2021, 40% of network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) tool buyers will reside outside traditional network operations organizations, an increase from 15% in 2017, which illustrates the rapid expansion and importance of the NPMD feature set throughout the entire IT infrastructure.

As the most widely distributed, scalable, wirespeed NPM available today, cClear can analyze hundreds to thousands of links in real-time from a centralized dashboard. cClear enables the processing of network traffic as it is seen, vs. the “capture it now, process it later” approach offered by other solutions. This becomes especially important as the order of magnitude increase in speed and data from 10Gbps to 100Gbps is expected to account for nearly two thirds of all bandwidth deployed in service provider networks by 2018, as per research from IHS. cClear’s workflows combine visualization enhancements and key performance indicators with the ability to drilldown into packets from a single interface, allowing for the streamlining of network monitoring and improving of network operations and security.

With the help of cPacket’s proprietary ASIC and unique hardware/software architecture, cClear provides features such as network-wide search (useful for finding specific subscriber packets, host addresses, and malicious events), forensic storage (for security analytics and other troubleshooting), and millisecond accurate analytics with nanosecond accurate timestamping (for precision burst and timing analysis).

“cClear allows customers to monitor their highly valuable, large scale networks at the wire, at speeds ranging 1G to 100G, while providing the accuracy and depth of coverage to reliably predict, diagnose, and rectify issues plaguing the network,” said Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO at cPacket. “Thanks to the quality and quantity of the real-time data provided via cClear’s new and improved visualization tools and integrated workflows, customers can streamline monitoring and improve their overall network operations and security. cClear is the only solution capable of maintaining true confidence in our customers’ conclusions and performance of their network.”

Additional details on cClear’s latest enhancements include:

  • More accurate, better data – cClear utilizes cVu devices to provide nanosecond accuracy and timestamping, along with millisecond analytics on each-and-every packet for microburst detection and capacity planning; uniform, high resolution data from across the network yields more accurate analytics that network operators can use with confidence for decision making
  • Fully integrated workflows – easily customizable dashboards that visualize network behavior across multiple views to facilitate correlation and drilldown; one-click access to relevant packet captures (PCAPs) that visualize the network behaviors that require deeper investigation; ability to retrieve PCAPs without leaving the dashboard; open platform based on open software for easy customization and extraction to other business tools
  • Global search capabilities – wirespeed deep packet inspection performed on every packet, on every port, to facilitate searches for specific hosts, threats, or network compliance deviations
  • Open API – fully open API for integration and automation; integrates with security tools to provide access to key performance APIs, as well as PCAPs
  • Correlation of data – Utilizing KPI location and time to create baselining for predictive analytics which enables automation

cPacket’s cClear solution brings together performance, accuracy, and coverage in a package that allows network operators and architects to truly understand network behavior, and to make good decisions based on data they can trust. cPacket’s unique architecture puts processing first—at the wire—with proprietary hardware that places an emphasis on extracting the right information on dashboards that incorporate both visualization and packet retrieval in an integrated workflow. This type of approach allows for better decision making for things such as capacity planning, troubleshooting, security coverage, and network compliance assessment, among others.


cClear is available now. For more information, please visit


About cPacket Networks

cPacket Networks offers next-generation performance monitoring, packet brokering and security forensics solutions for service providers and other large network operators that are built around its innovative Distributed Monitoring Architecture. By bringing network intelligence closer to the wire, cPacket enables network operators to proactively identify problems before they negatively impact end-users. cPacket delivers real-time performance analytics at line-rate speeds up to 40Gbps and 100Gbps and provides the broadest coverage available in the industry. By improving operational efficiency and proactively identifying problems, cPacket customers are able achieve substantial OPEX and CAPEX savings. Based in Silicon Valley, CA, cPacket solutions are relied on by operators of the world’s largest service provider and enterprise networks. Learn more at, the cPacket blog, or follow us on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook.

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