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cPacket Networks Integrates Advanced Analytics into Distributed Monitoring Fabric to Address the Proliferation of 40G Deployments at the Core and Along the Network Edge

February 15, 2016

cPacket Networks Integrates Advanced Analytics into Distributed Monitoring Fabric to Address the Proliferation of 40G Deployments at the Core and Along the Network Edge

Company’s Monitoring Solutions are the First to Provide Advanced Features such as
Gap Detection in Real-Time across the Entire Network Environment

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – February 16, 2016 – cPacket Networks, a leading provider of next-generation network monitoring solutions, today announced the cVu 3240NG, which delivers 32 ports of 40G line-rate performance analytics and complete packet inspection. This is the most powerful Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic (NPMD) solution on the market to deliver real-time analysis at 40G line rate per port. The cVu appliances are the basis of cPacket’s Intelligent Monitoring Fabric, which combines network visibility with packet-level troubleshooting details on-demand. This allows customers to proactively monitor their network for problems such as traffic spikes, bottlenecks, losses, applications’ misbehavior, and other anomalies – before end-users are negatively impacted. The integrated solution delivers comprehensive situational awareness, as well as unified access to real-time search across the entire network, and detailed packet-based forensic investigation, for unmatched operational intelligence.

cPacket also announced today that it has added gap detection as a feature to its Intelligent Monitoring Fabric. For example, when targeted at financial services, gap detection identifies missing packets at critical market feeds for equity pricing. These gaps correlate with missing data that prevents investors from making profitable trading decisions. Historically, detecting such problems was after-the-fact (vs. real-time) and required expensive specialized tools. cPacket’s integrated gap-detection feature identifies the telltale signs of imminent issues in real-time, and eliminates the expensive troubleshooting process after-the-fact. The integrated visibility allows system administrators to identify exactly where a gap occurred, and provides immediate access to “evidence” based on automatic capture of the specific packets before and after the event.

“Even though the migration to 40G started a few years ago, network engineers responsible for delivering high quality of user-experience are still at the early stages of leveraging high fidelity real-time intelligence.” said Kyle Rosenthal, CEO of TachTech, a leading global IT Solutions provider. “The legacy centralized architecture for network visibility ends up being costly and unsuccessful in complex high-speed environments — they simply don’t scale architecturally and are not cost-effective. Often, after feeling the pain with the legacy approach, customers find themselves looking for a better solution.”

Distributed Network Intelligence is Key to Real-Time Problem Identification
As organizations move to pervasive 40G in both the core and along the network edge, the ability to reliably monitor every link at full-line rate becomes a challenge that centralized monitoring architectures cannot handle. Built around legacy bottleneck-by-design architecture for after-the-fact analysis (including first-generation performance monitoring, packet aggregation and log management solutions), these tools lack real-time capabilities and rely on metrics that are not correlated with the actual applications behavior.

cPacket’s Intelligent Monitoring Fabric and the cVu 3240NG address the emerging challenges for better operational intelligence, with distributed, real-time diagnostics that proactively mitigate network issues that can cause downtime, revenue loss, and poor end-user experience. cPacket’s Next Generation Monitoring Architecture outperforms centralized legacy approaches by performing intelligent distributed analytics “close to the wire,” thus eliminating the bottlenecks of legacy architectures.

“Legacy network performance monitoring providers are struggling with an inherent issue: as the market is shifting to higher-speed networks, such as 40G, the historical approach for performance monitoring, capacity planning, and troubleshooting in those high-speed networks does not scale,” said Rony Kay, founder, President and CTO of cPacket Networks. “The increasing gap between the growing challenges, and the capabilities of legacy centralized solutions, makes our Distributed Intelligence increasingly relevant. We are leading the charge for distributed, real-time monitoring.”

cPacket’s Intelligent Monitoring Fabric allows enterprises and service providers to troubleshoot network problems over 80 percent faster than traditional legacy tools. This next-generation architecture is made possible by cPacket’s patented Algorithmic Fabric Chip, which performs distributed analysis directly at the wire. Additionally, cPacket’s cSTOR Forensic Storage arrays archive packet traffic to allow administrators to retrieve data and conduct forensic investigations. The SPIFEE dashboard is the portal to multiple distributed cVu and cStor appliances, and allows visualization, correlation, and drill-down.

The cVu 3240NG is available beginning March 15th from cPacket Networks. A 24-port version, the cVu 2440NG, is also available. For more details please visit us at

About cPacket Networks
cPacket Networks offers large-scale network operators and service providers a unique Distributed Monitoring Architecture that delivers higher operational efficiency and integrated intelligence than their legacy performance monitoring solutions. The distributed intelligence allows operators to proactively identify problems before they negatively impact end-users and can reduce troubleshooting time to resolution by over 80 percent. Improving operational efficiency and being proactive enables customers to achieve OPEX and CAPEX savings. Based in Silicon Valley, CA, cPacket’s solutions are deployed in some of the world’s largest networks. To learn more about cPacket Networks and its products, please visit or follow on Twitter @cPacketNetwork.


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