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cPacket Networks Expands Its Data Center Observability Portfolio

September 14, 2022

New Set of 10-100Gbps Packet Capture, Analysis, and Brokering Products Deliver Latest Features at Higher Density and Lower Effective Cost

Milpitas, Calif. – September 14, 2022 – cPacket Networks, powering hybrid-cloud observability, today announces the latest set of products that extends its data center portfolio for broader connectivity, versatility, and observability. This includes new cStor S-series packet capture and analysis observability nodes, and new cVu NGE-series packet broker observability nodes. The new product sets provide connectivity, data acquisition, and observability ranging from 10Gbps to 100Gbps speeds. This prolongs IT investments, increases operational efficiency, and strengthens cybersecurity for the enterprise, government, and telcos.

“A lot of our customers in the banking, trading, big-tech, healthcare, and other sectors continue to maintain data centers, with a lot of 10 and 40Gbps networks deployed, while gradually migrating to 100Gbps. They need the latest observability features at better density and lower cost with multi-speed, backward compatibility. The new set of products we announced today address those requirements by both prolonging the existing network & applications investment life and reducing the cost of provisioning observability for our customers,” said Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO cPacket Networks.

Now, best-in-class features are available as standard across the entire product line, whether choosing 10GB or 100GB speed, with more comprehensive API and new leading features including immediately available forensics and network baselining. Meanwhile, by doubling storage density per rack unit, extending port density, and providing a 3-in-1 solution option (aggregation, brokering, and monitoring), we enable deployments across a broader range of networks.

Product details

The new cStor® 10S, 20S, 30S, 40S, and 100S provide fast and reliable capture-to-disk up to 100Gbps. Advanced TCP analytics, data correlation, baselining, latency monitoring, multi-hop analysis, and self-encrypted disks for data security along with unmatched capture performance, fast search & query, and network-centric application analysis enables IT teams to perform rapid troubleshooting, compliance, and security forensics. You can always go back, retrieve the network data, recreate a scenario, or use it as evidence in case you need it. cStor is fully integrated with Wireshark and cPacket’s cClear® series observability dashboards.

The new cVu® 400NGE and 560NGE provide high-density 10/40Gbps network packet brokering (NPB), while the 400NGE-CX provides high-density 10/100Gbps NPB, all with real-time observability in a compact 1 RU size. These observability nodes are a 3-in-1 combined solution for aggregation, brokering and monitoring in a single unit. The nodes offer 16 x 10GbE “aggregation ports” for cost-effective TAP/SPAN aggregation, 24 x 10GbE “smart ports” for advanced packet brokering features (such as timestamping, filtering, slicing, deduplication) along with real-time microburst monitoring.  Those ports can be used to aggregate, process, and feed the network packet data reliable to performance and security tools at different speeds. Additionally, they offer a 4 x or 8 x 40Gbps uplink option or 2 x 100Gbps for a two-tier architecture. The result is higher consolidation, reduced cost & complexity, and better service availability through an observability solution.

All cPacket products are TAA compliant and orderable and deployable today. Refer to the product Quick Reference Guide for a side-by-side comparison, or drill down into product details.

About cPacket Networks

cPacket Networks powers hybrid-cloud observability through its Intelligent Observability Platform. It reduces service outages through network-centric application analysis, strengthens cyber security through high-resolution network data for threat detection, and accelerates incident response through network forensic analysis. The result is increased service agility, experience assurance, and transactional velocity for the business. Find out more at


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