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cPacket Announces Next-Generation Network Performance Monitoring Platform

February 20, 2017

cPacket Announces Next-Generation Network Performance Monitoring Platform

Distributed Monitoring Platform Breaks New Ground in NPM for High-Speed Networks, Providing Microburst Analysis, Hop-By-Hop Metrics, and Complete Path Metrics for Exhaustive Troubleshooting and Analysis

SAN JOSE, CA—Feb. 21, 2017—cPacket Networks, a leading provider of next-generation network performance monitoring and analytics solutions, today announced a next-generation NPM platform geared to handle the increasing traffic on high-speed networks, to address the 40G and 100G markets. The platform’s distributed architecture allows customers to deploy cPacket devices along critical paths in the network to observe and proactively report network and application-related issues. Wirespeed (real-time) performance monitoring, nanosecond timestamping, and millisecond accuracy combine to provide insight into network behavior at the wire, including true utilization and burst behavior—allowing deep network views not available with legacy NPM models.

The solution, which scales from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps, hits the market as 100Gbps rollouts ramp up in global enterprises, data centers, financial services firms, and organizations that need to deliver real-time responsiveness to their constituents, partners, and customers.

The platform takes direct aim at the issues plaguing high-speed networks. Whether problems result from network traffic, application performance, packet flows, or information residing in the packets themselves, the platform identifies and pinpoints the sources of those problems. It does so, in part, via its integral multi-hop analysis, an advance in NPM technology that enables it to analyze multiple KPIs (key performance indicators) within the same context, or a single KPI within multiple contexts. In addition, the platform provides either hop-by-hop correlation of KPIs, or can provide an aggregate of those KPIs.

Diving deeper into the network, KPIs also provide multiple “contexts” for the same metric, such as revealing on a hop-by-hop multi-segment level. Or multiple metrics can be evaluated to reveal latency, frame size distribution, throughput, and burst values for the same segment. This unique context flexibility enables better situational awareness leading to faster troubleshooting and a better understanding of network health.

Massive increases in network traffic reflect, in part, the unprecedented growth in cloud IP traffic. According to Cisco, global cloud IP traffic will reach 14.1 ZB per year by the end of 2020, up from 3.9 ZB per year in 2015, a compound annual growth rate of 29.31 percent.

Surpassing Legacy NPM
The platform integrates a rich analytics layer, enabling it to analyze packet flows to understand past network behavior, predict future behavior, set automatic thresholds and alerts, and spot trends to perform what-if analyses. This depth of monitoring provides visibility into sporadic network behaviors and their effects on overall network performance, surpassing approaches that analyze network behavior only in the moment.

The NPM platform builds on cPacket’s hallmark distributed architecture design, which brings comprehensive at-the-wire coverage to any node in the network where monitoring is most critical, surpassing traditional NPM solutions that provide only centralized monitoring. Intuitive, actionable, customizable GUI dashboards and dashlets are easy to create and share and can be rearranged based on user preferences. In addition, context-specific alerts can be generated against baselines or as users configure them. Accuracy to the millisecond eliminates guesswork—and the errors that would result from acting on misleading averages. For deeper network views, users can drill down from KPIs to capture individual packets, and can perform back-in-time analyses as required.

The platform also enables users to view capacity and perform more informed capacity planning. That’s a benefit of hardware generated KPIs, which allows users to take proactive steps to head off capacity-related slow-downs or network failures, detect and resolve application latencies, and ensure enforceable application-level SLAs.

The ability to identify, analyze and capture microbursts, with hardware assisted KPIs, has already been proved as an invaluable, necessary tool in market trading environments. This functionality is an integral part of cPacket’s NPM platform, and solves capacity planning, compliance and network security issues in the most demanding networks.

“Network performance is in the spotlight across virtually all industries,” said Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket. “Today’s networks arguably are running more high-stakes applications than ever before, amplifying the risks of undetected faults, network performance gaps, or outages. And increasing network speeds only heighten the challenges. cPacket allows customers to dramatically reduce the cost of network monitoring, providing a single solution for monitoring the network end-to-end, quickly troubleshooting and resolving issues, and obtaining predictive insights to help plan for the future.”

The cPacket Network Performance Monitoring solution is available now, with additional enhancements available in the second quarter of 2017. To learn more, come visit us at Cisco Live Berlin Feb 20-24 or visit

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cPacket Networks offers next-generation performance monitoring, packet brokering and security forensics solutions for service providers and other large network operators that are built around its innovative Distributed Monitoring Architecture. By bringing network intelligence closer to the wire, cPacket enables network operators to proactively identify problems before they negatively impact end-users. cPacket delivers real-time performance analytics at line-rate speeds up to 40Gbps and 100Gbps and provides the broadest coverage available in the industry. By improving operational efficiency and proactively identifying problems, cPacket customers are able achieve substantial OPEX and CAPEX savings. Based in Silicon Valley, CA, cPacket solutions are relied on by operators of the world’s largest service provider and enterprise networks. Learn more at, the cPacket blog, or follow us on TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook.

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