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April 2022 Newsletter

April 15, 2022

Check out the latest news, events, and happenings at cPacket Networks!

What’s New

cPacket joins those calling for peace and hoping for a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine conflict. Our thoughts are with all the people impacted by the war. Here at cPacket, our employees have shown support by donating to Fundacja Ukraina which is working with our technology partner Monterail to provide humanitarian services to the refugees from Ukraine.

Event: Join cPacket at TechNet Cyber

Stop by our booth #3006 at TechNet Cyber in Baltimore, April 26-28, as we explore the latest and most effective techniques to strengthen cybersecurity through network intelligence-based threat detection and forensics. If you cannot attend in person, please sign up here for a virtual meeting with us and get a T-shirt.

Event: Join cPacket at Telco Cybersecurity Digital Summit
Join us for a virtual event at Telco Cybersecurity LATAM on April 19th, as we discuss new challenges in cybersecurity and strategic performance in the era of 5G. Please sign up here for a virtual meeting with us and enter to win a prize.

Event: Join cPacket a Cybertech Europe
Join us at Cybertech Europe in Rome, Italy on May 10-11, as we talk security and critical IT infrastructure challenges and showcase our solutions. If you cannot attend in person, please sign up here for a virtual meeting with us and enter to win some interesting prizes.

Webinar: Powering Hybrid-Cloud Observability
Join us on April 20th at 9:00 am PST as cPacket introduces a new, simplified, and scalable hybrid-cloud observability architecture. This is designed for the new network blueprint that extends across distributed digital enterprise of today including branch offices, data centers and multi-cloud environments. Register here.

Application Note: Troubleshooting Cloud Subnet Traffic

This App Note steps you through how to instrument public cloud infrastructure for network visibility to reduce the duration of service outages. You will see how to investigate and solve operational use cases, subnet connectivity issues, virtual machine latencies between subnets, and captured subnet traffic for detailed forensic analysis. Read more.

Workshop: Troubleshooting Tips & Techniques for Cloud Monitoring & Security

Please join us on April 13th at 9:00 am PST and participate in this hands-on workshop for cloud, security and network engineers. In the cloud, nature of issues is different, the blind spots are different, and the network visibility you have is limited. Troubleshooting in the cloud requires a different set of tools and methods that should seamlessly integrate with on-premises tools and workflows. Register here.

Blog: Apple Breach – Loss of Business Continuity, Revenue, and Reputation

The recent Apple breach in March 2022 is not their first. In September 2021, Apple devices got infected by spyware, practically taking control of millions of iPhone devices. Click to read the blog about cPacket’s perspective on it.

Article: Is Network Observability Different from Visibility and Monitoring?

As the term “observability” pops up in webinars, trade shows, brochures and presentations, IT leaders and CIOs wonder how it is different from the traditional network monitoring and network visibility solutions that they are already familiar with. Click to read the article.

Product Updates

Here is a summary of the releases and corresponding new functionality that is now generally available. As always, please log into our support portal to get details in the release notes.

  • cClear® and cClear®-V Release 21.4.1: Adds support for the releases listed above to add data visualization, analytics, and management features.
  • cStor® 100S and 40S Release 21.4.1: Adds more network and traffic analytics.
  • cStor® 40/25/15/5 Releases 21.2.2 and 21.2.3: Adds security features to address PolKit and other Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).
  • cProbe™ 20.1.6: Adds 4x10G support for (and cStor 10).
  • cVu® Release 21.2.1 for “NG” class Network Packet Brokers: Adds Market Data Feed (cMDF) analytics to organizations such as financial exchanges to verify and optimize real-time market data delivery services.
  • cVu® 1000 Release 21.4.1: Adds secure access and other security features.

Additional Content

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