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451 Research: cPacket takes the high-resolution road on analysis of financial trading

September 29, 2016

“The cBurst feature is software that is integrated into the cPacket Intelligent Monitoring Fabric (IMF), and leverages cPacket’s cVu monitoring and cStor forensic storage appliances. The cVu monitoring is capable of 32x40Gb real-time line-rate performance analytics and packet inspection across L2-L7.

CBurst enables these devices to perform real-time monitoring of 1,000 data streams per port at one-millisecond resolution. Typical NPM systems running a one-second resolution would miss microbursts, cPacket says. CBurst also allows individual configuration of the analytics on each of the 1,000 data streams, providing proactive alerts for UDP multicast market feeds, and ensures packet stream continuity across link speed transitions (e.g., 40Gb via 10Gb through trunks, stacking or infrastructure). While cBurst is intended for market trading environments, it could also be leveraged for analysis of any streaming UDP feeds, such as unified communications and streaming video.

The cVu appliances are based on customized hardware and deployed in a distributed monitoring architecture at the wire. Customized hardware enables the appliances to achieve performance levels unattainable from merchant silicon-based monitoring appliances, according to cPacket.”

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