cPacket Launches New Product Families Making Observability More Accessible One Packet at a Time

Continuing to deliver on the goal of bringing true observability to every network at every speed for every budget

cPacket had been building high-performance network visibility technology since 2007.  Chips, packet brokers, storage appliances, network taps, and numerous other components for some of the largest and highest performing networks in the world. This track record has always attracted me to cPacket and having been with the company for 18 months or so, I am seeing the fruition of another series of new products which are continuing on the same path. Especially as the company transitions into the hybrid-cloud observability space.

The refreshed cPacket cVu 400NGE, 560NGE, and 400NGE-CX are a family of packet brokering and monitoring observability nodes that are able to deliver per-port packet processing at 10G, 40G, and 100G speeds.  This processing is carried out per port using modern FPGA and ASIC technology and can receive/process packets at a wire-rate using all the advanced features including dynamic packet search, cPacket cBurst for microburst analysis, many counters, and nanosecond timestamping.  Compared to the predecessor, the additional 16 aggregation ports make connecting TAP/SPAN aggregation and tools significantly easier driving down the cost-per-port but maintaining the high levels of performance expected from a cPacket product.

The new cPacket cStor30S and cStor 20S packet capture and analysis observability nodes build on the high value previously delivered with the cStor100S and cStor 40S.  This product family has industry-leading capture and analytics performance in minimal form factors and even when including cPacket Extensible Storage (CES) capabilities, the overall rack space-per-TB is still light years ahead of the competition.

When considering these families of products, they shouldn’t be considered in isolation.  They are part of cPacket’s overall hybrid-cloud observability solution including complete ranges of packet brokering and packet capture nodes.  They allow customers like you to provision observability brought together through the cPacket cClear observability layer where management and visualization are brought together in a unified and easy-to-use interface.  The cClear brings together stats from cVu nodes, and analytics from cStor S nodes to display on a range of provided and customer-defined dashboards for observing service-level indicators and allowing you to view and quickly download the relevant packets to answer your question.

Progress is great and continuing to deliver on cPacket’s observability goals shows a powerful commitment to our current and future customers.

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