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NetSecOps = Networking + Security

As digital infrastructure grows, connectivity between applications, data, users, and devices must be highly-available, high-performing and secure. Network and Security teams must work together to ensure the partnership flourishes.

Why collaboration between Network and Security teams is important

  • Faster resolution of service problems
  • Network resilience and improved security
  • Operational efficiency
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Benefits of Aligning Networking and Security

Network and Security teams aren’t natural partners. However, network teams recognize the importance of building security into everything and know the security team has deep expertise to help.

  • “It’s not just the security team’s job to do security. Network engineers need to develop security-oriented solutions.”

    Director of Network Engineering

  • “Things move faster with good collaboration. There are less roadblocks.”

    Director of Network Engineering

  • “You will get a final product that is more secure, better implemented, and can recover from disaster.”

    Director of Network Engineering

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