Looking Ahead: the Future of Network Monitoring

The future of the network is far more complex than we could have imagined. The consumerization of IT, mobile devices, big data, virtualization and cloud computing are just some examples of today’s rising trends. But these trends also bring new complexities. We now face more network vulnerabilities, security attacks and data breaches. This has increased the demand for stronger network performance and the tools used to manage the network. Given this, it’s imperative that we find a way to accommodate all of these systems and networks with the right network monitoring and security tools to protect our corporate assets, and of course, our bottom line.

Current challenges

At cPacket, we believe that to be truly competitive in today’s digital landscape, companies must be able to respond to what’s happening around them. If today’s organizations can’t evolve with continuous changes, they will soon find themselves left behind while the savvy ones who learn to keep pace will reap the rewards.

Network operators need advanced monitoring and security tools that can scale and be agile in today’s dynamic IT environment. Over the years, we’ve seen and heard network operators struggle with their current tools and the challenges they face. This motivated us to design high performing network monitoring, security and packet broker solutions that would provide today’s organizations with the competitive edge they need to succeed.

Today, leading multinationals, large enterprises, finance and healthcare companies have seen the value cPacket provides. They rely on cPacket’s customized solutions to provide them with a fully scalable, secure and high performing network. Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and it’s for this reason that we remain committed to continuous improvement and innovation.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide the foundation for the infrastructure that will enable the delivery of timely, accurate, high resolution data into the network. The importance of real-time data affects the network, the people that control the network and the network tools they use. We know that a strong security posture is only possible when there’s pervasive visibility across the entire network, and this is why we are focused on providing today’s organizations with advanced network monitoring and security solutions that provide intelligent visibility into the network in real-time.

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