Googling Packets Inside Google Cloud

When it comes to enterprise grade cloud, you cannot ignore Google Cloud. Google Cloud has built its reputation around high performance workloads for demanding business applications. Google Cloud has just announced the new network Packet Mirroring service for its Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) at Google Cloud Next ’19 UK. According to Google Cloud, its traffic mirroring service has clear advantages as it has no machine type dependency, no encapsulation overhead, and is available across all regions.

Google Cloud VPC gives you the flexibility to scale and control how workloads connect regionally and globally, and it allows you to port your own IP addresses across all regions. In case of a hybrid environment, all regions can share a connection between VPC and on-premises resources within a single VPC. You don’t need a connection in every region – saving you time, money, and worry.

Until not long ago, the public cloud was a black box without the rich insights of network traffic-based intelligence. This made threat mitigation and performance monitoring difficult and porting of on-premises workflows virtually impossible. Packet Mirroring is a feature that provides access to the deep-down network traffic in the cloud, previously hidden from the tenants. The cPacket solution handles network data mining, processing, and analysis on-premises and does not need the data mining part in the cloud anymore with the packet mirroring service. In this case, the cPacket cCloud solution builds on top of Google Cloud VPC packet mirroring through a bundled service chain including virtual packet brokering, packet capture/analysis, and analytics for enabling IT NetOps, SecOps, and CloudOps.

The cCloud solution includes cPacket cVu-V virtual packet brokering to process and relay the mirrored traffic to multiple targets within the VPC, cPacket cStor-V virtual packet capturing to store the selective packet data within the cloud storage for later analysis, and cPacket cClear-V analytics engine to provide integrated dashboards and KPIs based on the meta data fetched from cVu-V and cStor-V instances.

The joint solution enables consistent IT workflows across the hybrid environment (on-premises and cloud) for use cases such as security intrusion detection/prevention, incident response and forensics, regulatory compliance, and service/application assurance. IT has been starving for those capabilities and we are already seeing great customer interest in the joint solution. Request a demo today!

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