Google Your Entire Network for Complete Visibility

The demand for increased visibility, security, and better performance monitoring means that today’s organizations need a solution that can deliver accurate results, anytime, anywhere. Today’s IT professionals are always looking for sophisticated security and monitoring tools that will help protect their networks from security threats and earn a solid return on investment.

The challenge for most NetOps and SecOps teams is having the right monitoring solution that allows them to access all traffic types from anywhere and at speeds from 1G to 100G with complete accuracy and reliability.  Furthermore, when testing and configuration changes come into play, some tools don’t have the ability to incorporate necessary changes as needed. Can you imagine the amount of traffic fluctuations that occur weekly, daily, and hourly? It becomes increasingly difficult to be able to capture all the accurate data you need without missing any critical security-related incidents that may occur.

Increase your field of vision with cPacket’s cSearch

When we perform a search on Google, we get thousands of results in less than one second. Imagine performing a “Google-like” search of your entire network under all traffic conditions. With cPacket’s cSearch, you get instant and pervasive visibility across the network with an easy to use interface that allows you to visualize the data in real-time. Furthermore, cPacket’s cSearch can be used to test and verify network configuration changes allowing for more accurate search results regardless of link speed, utilization, or packet size mix.

If we look at figure 1 below, you will see that raw packets (PCAPs) can be directly accessed by simply clicking on the download icon and analyzed in Wireshark (an open source network packet analyzer). Moreover, searches can be refreshed or saved as persistent searches for continuous monitoring, and packet captures can be triggered on any row of the search result by clicking on the ‘camera’ icon.

Figure 1: View of cSearch page

There are several key benefits of using cSearch:

  • provides the ability to run similar searches on multiple downstream tools in a monitoring network
  • provides vital information about the production network
  • NetOps and SecOps have complete access to accurate search results that enable them to make informed decisions

A strong visibility tool can be more than just a window to network traffic. It can also serve as a powerful tool to actively isolate key information for further action. As networks become increasingly complex, it’s imperative to have the right tools to do the right job. cPacket’s monitoring tools are effective, affordable, and designed to improve the overall performance of your network.

To learn more about cSearch, download our latest resource here.