How cPacket Networks Improved the Security Infrastructure of a Global Fortune 500 Company

Today’s networks are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their existing security and monitoring tools can keep pace with an increase in higher speeds and network traffic. Oftentimes, these tools cannot handle the growing volume of traffic at higher speeds and ultimately become less effective due to oversubscription. Consequently, this poses a major security threat in the network.

When a leading multinational technology company needed to upgrade its infrastructure to meet the performance demands of the network, they began their search and tested various monitoring and security tools offered by other vendors. Unfortunately, these tools could not keep pace with the company’s upgrade and infrastructure so as a result, they were still experiencing performance loss and increased security concerns in the network.

With a large and complex datacenter, the network security engineers were running into problems: network issues were becoming increasingly difficult to troubleshoot, visibility was limited, and security was becoming a big concern.

The company knew that in order to have a resilient and secure infrastructure, they needed the most advanced security and monitoring tools that could provide a broad monitoring footprint at higher speeds. So, in early 2018, they contacted cPacket Networks for a best-in class solution and chose cPacket’s cVu 2440NG, cVu 3240NG and cClear Dashboard to facilitate their upgrade. It paid off. The company benefited from the following:

  1. Substantial cost savings: by having advanced security tools in place, the company was able to be more cost-effective and save money by reducing security tool costs.
  2. Reduced troubleshooting time: by being proactive rather than reactive, the company’s IT team was able to analyze accurate and relevant data needed to troubleshoot and mitigate any network issues.
  3. Improved operations: the company’s network was more secure and more streamlined which allowed for increased productivity, efficiency and manageability.

With a stronger security infrastructure and a broader visibility footprint, this multinational is more prepared and ready to keep growing so they can concentrate on what they do best – making world class technology products and services for their customers.

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