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Global STAC Live 2021

Global STAC Live 2021

At the virtual event, we demonstrated how we are leader in low-latency monitoring and market data analysis for high-frequency trading (HFT).

Enable Network Visibility for Service Assurance, Applications and End-User Experience Monitoring, to Ensure Business Continuity

  • Identify and respond to cyberthreats

  • Assure market data without gaps

  • Assure flawless financial transactions

Global STAC Live

STAC brings together industry leaders in solution architecture, application development, machine learning/deep learning engineering, data engineering, and operational intelligence to discuss challenges in trading and investment. See how we stack up with the best!

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  • "Maximizing business continuity and security necessitates the strategy to include proactive 'predict-prevent' measures to replace the break-fix approach as much as possible"

    - Achieving Network Visibility: 5 Key Requirements

  • "Network visibility enables you to see what is happening with the network and how it impacts application performance, user experience, and security"

    - Achieving Network Visibility: 5 Key Requirements

  • "The network plays an increasingly strategic role, as it connects users with services. That’s why network visibility – the ability to understand what's happening with the networks – has become so important"

    - Achieving Network Visibility: 5 Key Requirements

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