Software Architect

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  • Position Title - Software Architect
  • Salary Range - Competitive - D.O.E.
  • Work Type - Full-Time
  • Desired Start Date - Immediately
  • Job Location(s) - San Jose, CA

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Looking for a Software Architect with 15+ years of software development experience and over 5+ years of experience in architecture, design and development of complex software systems.
Candidates should:
  • Have extensive experience in scalability, capacity planning and design of high throughput systems considering hardware components (CPU/Cores, Memory, I/O, Network) and software design patterns.
  • Have a proven track record in developing high availability and redundancy systems with low latency replication.
  • Be a master of data modeling, schema design, DDL and DML, no SQL databases, clustering and caching techniques.
  • Be expert in performance tuning, benchmarking, optimization, debugging, migration, ETL and data aging (smoothing, purging etc).
  • Be well versed with cloud technologies, tools, development and deployment models for SaaS enablement.
  • Demonstrate expertise in sound engineering practices, methodologies and act as a role model for team members with high sense of accountability and belongingness to responsibilities.
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