Computer Systems Analyst

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  • Position Title - Computer Systems Analyst
  • Salary Range - D.O.E.
  • Work Type - Full-Time
  • Desired Start Date - Immediately
  • Job Location(s) - San Jose, CA

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Analyze performance requirements and interfaces for large scale data centers and high speed networks utilizing market-data protocols:  CTS/QTS, UTDF, UQDF, BATS, FIX, FAST and CME.  Track, optimize and troubleshoot intermittent cloud applications and bottlenecks.  Analyze ASIC implementation.  Req. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Information Science.

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About cPacket

cPacket Networks offers a Next Generation Network Monitoring Architecture that allows Network Operators to achieve up to 80% faster troubleshooting Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) over standard legacy network monitoring tools. This distributed solution combines proactive network visibility, granular packet-based analytics, real-time search across L2-L7, and forensic storage, for unmatched integrated Operational Intelligence. By improving operational efficiency, customers can achieve considerable OpEx and CapEx savings. Based in Silicon Valley, CA, our solutions are relied on to troubleshoot some of the world’s largest network infrastructures.

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